As we have been having some problems with the automated order form, we have decided for the moment to use a simpler system. Please send a mail to, telling us what quantity of which CDs you would like and your name and address. We will then send you the bank and paypal details. All CDs are 15€ including postage within Germany, 17€ within Europe, except the sampler, which is free with another CD purchaes, or 7€ inc postage in Germany and 8€ in Europe. For worldwide shipping rates please enquire. For a limited period, a copy of the CRR sampler CD will be included free of charge with each order.


Strip Me Naked - "Counterpoise" - CRR 1519

Frankétienne and Mark Mulholland - "Chaophonies" - CRR 1418

Mark Mulholland and Craig Ward - Waiting for the Storm" - CRR 1217

Trailhead - "Bodies in the Basement" - CRR 1216

Allen Devine - "Thrillride" - CRR 1115

Mark Mulholland - "The Cactus and the Dragon" - CRR 1114

Two Dollar Bash - "New Adventures" - CRR 1113

"Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz" - CRR 0911

Strip me Naked - "Good Morning Mr Average - CRR 0910

Eamonn Dowd and the Racketeers "Mansions of Gold" - CRR 0909

Trailhead - “The Road to Salamanca” - CRR 0908

The Hazi Brothers - “Culture to the People” - CRR 0807

Two Dollar Bash “Lost River” - CRR 0806

The Durgas “Back to the Start” - CRR 0705

Two Dollar Bash “Two Dollar Bash” CRR 0704

Eamonn Dowd and the Racketeers “Silver and Dust” - CRR 0703

Two Dollar Bash “On the Road” CRR 0702

Impure Thoughts “Lights Ahead” - CRR 0601


Cannery Row Records/Palace Flophouse Publishing Sampler - CRR 1012


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